Accredited Wedding Providers

Cognizant of the difficulties that the bride and the groom encounter in preparing for their dream wedding, Mt. Carmel Shrine has pre-qualified and accredited certain wedding providers who have given quality and value for money services to couples who have celebrated their dream weddings at Mt. Carmel Shrine.

After having hundreds of dream weddings celebrated at Mt. Carmel Shrine, these caterers, florists, printers, photographers and videographers who have rendered exemplary services are already well-known to the Parish Office. Conversely, wedding providers who have given their customers heartaches and pain are likewise familiar to the Parish Office.

In order to be assured that your dream wedding happens without a hitch, Mt. Carmel Shrine strongly recommends that you deal with pre-qualified and accredited wedding providers.

Please contact the Parish Office that we may appropriately advise you on the wedding providers who will ensure your Dream Wedding at Mt. Carmel Shrine.

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